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It’s Thursday, almost the weekend you’re probably going out Friday night and you don’t have to cook, but what are you doing for dinner tonight? I know, you’re having pizza! That’s right. PIZZA. And guess what you don’t have to feel guilty about it either. I LOVE PIZZA. I ‘m like a dog when it […]

What’s Up Wednesday

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What’s Up!! ¬†You ever wake up and just wish “Uggh, I wish I could just have a do-over?” Maybe it’s a do-over of the day before or maybe it’s more than that. Maybe you haven’t been making the best choices in your life or you’re having a month or a year with more downs than […]


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Keeping it simple this month with the Playlist. A little bit of something for everyone. Here are some of my favorite songs I keep on replaying. Happy- Pharrell Wililams ( yeah I know it’s from an animated movie) Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo (featuring 2 Chainz) Raging Fire – Phillip Phillips¬† Burning Gold – Christina […]


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This quick workout is a great way to squeeze in some cardio and strength training for a major sweat session. I did this workout with my Move It To Lose It classes this week and in place of running outdoors, I had them run the inside corridors of the school 2X including a set of […]