Three ways to a fitter, happier you.

No matter how you empower your fitness, my workouts are challenging and upbeat.
And best of all, they get results and keep you motivated.

Fitness Options

Online Workouts

Step-by-step walkthroughs for cardio, strength, HIIT and other workouts. Bring these fun, easy-to-follow workouts to the gym or work up a sweat at home.

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Fitness Options

Personal Sessions & Consultations

Personalized training sessions in your home, gym, or office. Customized for your specific goals and fitness level. Available for 1-4 people per session.

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Fitness Options

Group Classes & Events

I do it all, from running HIIT bootcamps to organizing corporate wellness programs to participating in community events.

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Get back in shape with the 4-week Starter Plan

A 4-week program that you can do at home or in the gym.
Build your strength and improve your core with quick daily workouts – minimal equipment required.

Empowered By MaryEllen

Mark Anderson

“I hadn’t been in a gym for more than 4 years, when I hired MaryEllen. I’m an aspiring golf professional, so MaryEllen gives me golf-specific workouts that improve my overall strength, specifically my core. Working out with MaryEllen is a blast. Not only is she a great personal trainer, she’s a friend who is very easy to talk to and makes your workout more enjoyable."

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