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Stuff my lawyer says I have to tell you.

Reading this is a workout all its own. Don’t forget to stretch afterwards.

Legal Disclaimer

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You should consult your physician before beginning any fitness or nutrition program. If you choose not to obtain the consent of your physician and/or work with your physician, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.

By utilizing the exercise strategies contained herein, you recognize that despite all precautions on the part of EMPOWERED by MEG there are risks of injury or illness that can occur.

Although I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and 1000% stand by my programming, when you try these things on your own at home, you are doing so at your own risk. If I’m not there with you then I have ZERO control over or responsibility for your form, execution etc.

You assume all risks and waive, relinquish, and release any claim to which you may have against MaryEllen Giombetti and EMPOWERED by MEG in the event of any physical injury or illness incurred in connection with, or as a result of, the use or misuse of the information on this site.


I’m not famous (yet) so nobody is sending me anything or paying me to use their products, etc. That being said, if anyone were to send me something or ask me to post and review their product, you can bet your butt I would reveal that the post is sponsored and let you know straight up if I’m gaining anything from posting about it.

Also, you should know that I’m a woman of my word. If I think something sucks, I will tell you. If I don’t believe in something, chances are it wouldn’t even appear on this site. Basically, I’m going to tell you the truth and you can rest assured that things I feature on my site are products or services I currently use, have used in the past or give a big “thumbs up” on, unless otherwise noted. My goal is to help you, not waste your time. So this is my “No BS here” statement from me to you.

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