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I’ve been a runner all my life. But I sort of have a love/hate relationship with running. I’ve always been competitive by nature and running definitely perpetuates that trait. As I’ve gotten older I’ve stopped participating in the races that I used to because quite honestly my body is exhausted from being used so much. […]

How to “FIT” it in

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Easy Ways to Make Your Health & Fitness a Priority Now Despite what you may think, it doesn’t take a ton of time or even a penny to invest in your health. If you’re tired of feeling sluggish, out of shape or you’re just looking for some new ideas on how to make YOU a […]

MOVE IT MONDAY- Armed N F-AB-ulous Edition

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Happy Monday! Or is it? If you’re reading this from somewhere in Massachussetts you’re probably psyched because we finally have been having some nice weather. About time! And that means that in just a few weeks people will be busting out their tank tops. ( If they haven’t started to already, that is. New Englanders […]