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Success Story

Kerry - EMPOWERED HIIT BOOTCAMPER, lost 15 pounds

After a year of taking MaryEllen’s classes, Kerry would recommend her to anybody. Why? MaryEllen works you hard but makes it fun too.

“I’ve had many boot camp instructors, and MaryEllen is head and shoulders better than any of the others I’ve had.”

Success Story

Dianne Lynch – 10lbs lost (6.2% bodyweight)

“When I first decided to take your class I didn't know if I could keep up. I was happy when you had a class for people 50+. You showed us modifications so we could get a great workout. Your coaching gave me the confidence to try other classes. Thank you for your motivation.”

Success Story

Tracey - EMPOWERED class participant reaching her fitness and nutrition goals

Hear how Tracey’s learned great tips for strength, cardio and nutrition.

“If you’ve never taken a class with MaryEllen, I highly suggest it. I guarantee you’ll go back and tell all your friends about it.”

Success Story

Erin – Age 44, Move It To Lose It team member

“I love MEG’s class. It’s fun, fast and always different. She has taught me a new way to view food consumption BEFORE I consume it. I struggle with losing weight and maintaining the loss but this time I lost weight even with 3 birthday celebrations and a tropical vacation!”

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